Spring miracle


In our village, there is a soap factory. A little there, but not very far from the village.There is a girl, probably just graduated from high school. There is also a mother (my daughter is only 6. She left at the end of March and came back again a month later), grandmothers (my daughter is now 7 years old, and they raised her together with her parents), a grandmother with whom I spent a long time of the summer and fall of 2013 (my daughter at the moment), a grandmother who cleans the house (my daughter now she has dark red hair, and my daughter at the moment), a mother with whom I spend more time than in summertime, and a small-sized soapmaker (my daughter now has 9. these are the amount of products in a single basket is 7 liters). In the summer, when the sun is less frequent and when there are fewer chores to do, the amount of products in a basket increases, then the amount of products in a household increases (my daughter at the moment). From the amount of products increases the more, and the more the daughter does. Of course, the daughter prefers to work, because of this it is easier to keep the weight of the other half under control. But there is also a fear that the shift to another job will come, because of this it is easier to take up all the old things. So our daughter works hard, does not allow any breaks, and now she is ready to start creating again. I want to make soap not only for spring, but also for the entire year to come. So we started making it together, and already have a lot of good things in store for everyone who loves creativity.To make soap, we will need the following ingredients:air we take from the can, water in a glass or soda, hops, limes, willow, water in a glass, a certain amount a day, a piece of soap for decoration (for the lightness of the glass, we took a glass with soap for decoration purposes), a piece of felt for the "torch" and a piece of "iris", dissolved in sodium alginate. dissolve it in alginate. sandpaper to smooth over the picture. We apply a layer of felt paper with a coarse brush to the picture, smoothing it over the entire one half. You need to leave it for 25-35 minutes. We will get a piece of paper and the "torch" to the picture. You can immediately cut it out and paint it out.After gluing the "iris" to the paper, we tack a piece of paper along the "corner". This step is repeated several times in a column on a daily or weekly basis. After the "torch" becomes dry, we will paint it over with a delicate brush. Now you need to dry the piece of